Family Law Pathways Webinar Series

Family Law Pathways Webinar Series

Each Wednesday between the 20th of May and the 24th of June 2020, the national Family Law Pathways Networks will present a free Webinar to our members.

The Networks have collaborated to bring you a series of high-calibre expert presenters to broaden knowledge and understanding around issues impacting separating families. This comprehensive series will cover an array of topics and themes, presenters and topics. 

Information about each session and the respective registration links are available below. 

Registered participants will be emailed a link for the webinar within 24 hours of the scheduled start time and will also have access to a recording of the webinar for a period of time following the live stream.

Please note that we are unable to issue legal CPD certificates or certificates of attendance for any of the webinars in this series due to high participant numbers. However, many viewers will be able to claim their own CPE/CPD points for attendance, and should consult their respective professional organisations for further clarification and guidance. For more information about this webinar series and other upcoming webinars by WAFLPN, please visit  


Trent Savill - Understanding and Responding to Controlling and Escalated Behaviour in Children 20 May - 1:00 pm AWST

This workshop supports professionals to better understand and respond to children and young people who engage in aggressive and controlling behaviours. The workshop will explore how developmental attachment impacts on our capacity to trust and hand over control to others, and also looks at the important cognitive skills required to be able to comply with the expectations of others. 

Liz Sanders -  The Attachment-Style Interview27 May - 11:00 am AWST

The Attachment Style Interview is an evidence-based instrument that enhances practitioners’ understanding of family dynamics and the capacity of caregivers to develop meaningful strategies for resilience. The application of this approach moves practitioners from being trauma informed to being trauma responsive and is applicable across the lifespan. 

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Ben Grimes - Linguistic and Cultural Barriers to Aboriginal Access to Justice3 June - 11:00 am AWST

Understand the differences between Aboriginal and Standard English Narrative Styles with Ben Grimes, a lawyer and linguist who specialises in communication issues in the legal system and cross-cultural legal education.

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David Mandel -  Promoting the Best Outcomes for Children in Domestic and Family Violence Cases10 June - 9:00 am AWST*

David Mandel of the Safe and Together Institute will guide us through using a perpetrator pattern-based approach to promote the best outcomes for children in domestic and family violence cases.

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*Please note that unlike other webinars in this series, this webinar will be taking place at 9:00 am AWST.

Rose Cuff - Parenting Capacity & Mental Health17 June - 11:00 am AWST

Rose Cuff, coordinator of the Families where a Parent has a Mental Illness (FaPMI) Strategy, will explore concepts of parenting & capacity in the context of deepening our understanding about the challenges & strengths experienced by parents, their children & families who live with mental ill health. 

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Dr Margaret Spencer - Complex Circumstances: Parents with Intellectual Disability24 June - 11:00 am AWST

Dr Margaret Spencer, University of Sydney, will argue that assessing what the best interest of a child, based on the current reliance on assessment of parenting capacity is a flawed process. She will look specifically at this in relation to families where one or both parents have disabilities. Margaret will propose that instead of asking, "Is this parent capable of parenting?" We should ask “How can the parenting of this child be supported?”

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*Please note that due to changes in Dr Margaret Spencer's schedule, this webinar will now be ending at 12:00pm AWST.