Geraldton Children's Matters Stakeholders Forum - cancelled

Geraldton Children's Matters Stakeholders Forum - cancelled

Children's Matters Stakeholders Forum

This event is cancelled .

WA Family Law Pathways Network is proud to support the Children's Matters Stakeholders Forum organised by the Geraldton Family Relationships Centre.

Children’s Matters Stakeholders have been meeting regularly for the past several years and through these forums we are able to continue to successfully achieve sound networking between all stakeholders including legal practitioners, family dispute resolution practitioners, the Family Court of Western Australia and the Courthouse in Geraldton.


Featuring a presentation by Dr Carolyn Johnson on 'Familicide-Suicide: From Myth to Hypothesis and Toward Understanding’.

Dr Johnson is a social work clinician, researcher and educator with a background in clinical work in WA men’s prisons, Family Court and child protection.  Dr Johnson’s research examines the sensitive topic of familicide following separation, and the links with childhood trauma.    

For all enquiries, please contact Nicola James at or 08 9921 2611.