Reforms to WA Family Violence Laws Announced

28 Nov 2019
Reforms to WA Family Violence Laws Announced

On 27 November 2019, the Family Violence Legislation Reform Bill 2019 was introduced into the Parliament of Western Australia.

The proposed reforms amend nine separate pieces of legislation across six separate Ministerial portfolios and demonstrate a cross-government commitment to tackling family and domestic violence.

The reform package includes:

  • two new offences under the Criminal Code, namely non-fatal strangulation and persistent family violence;
  • new aggravated penalties for offences which commonly occur in circumstances of family violence;
  • introduction of serial family violence offender declarations;
  • expanded access to electronic monitoring for offenders;
  • introduction of jury directions to counter stereotypes, myths and misconceptions about family and domestic violence;
  • making it easier for evidence of family and domestic violence to be introduced in criminal trials;
  • requirement for police to record every family violence incident; and
  • a range of amendments to the Restraining Orders Act 1997 and Bail Act 1982 to enhance victim safety and make it easier for victims to obtain protection from violence.

Read full media release given by the WA Attorney General and Minister McGurk on 27 November 2019. 

For more information about the Bill, visit the Parliament of Western Australia website