Basic information: amica

Basic information: amica

amica: a new service that helps clients with family law problems

A ground-breaking new service has been launched to help separating couples reach agreements online. During its launch phase, this service is offered free of charge until January 2021. helps couples reach amicable agreements about property and parenting issues without engaging lawyers. It also enables couples to record those agreements in plain language on a secure platform.

amica was created by National Legal Aid with funding from the Commonwealth government. Its development was overseen by a Steering Committee involving National Legal Aid, Family and Relationship Services Australia and the Attorney-General’s Department.

This 2-minute video highlights amica’s key features.

amica has the potential to significantly cut legal bills. It guides users through a step-by-step process, and offers them information and support along the way to help them reach an amicable agreement. amica also informs them about other support services.

Parenting and property

amica was created with Commonwealth Government funding and designed with direct input from everyday people who’ve been through everyday family law disputes relating to parenting and property issues.

amica’s interactive calendar helps separated parents to reach agreement, and record their agreement, about the best parenting arrangements for their children.

If couples need to divide their assets, amica’s artificial intelligence can also help. amica provides a suggested split of assets after the AI takes into account:

  1. the couple’s assets and circumstances
  2. agreements commonly reached by other couples in similar situations
  3. how courts generally handle disputes of this nature

amica can be used by a broad range of people but is best suited to couples who have a reasonably amicable relationship and a willingness to communicate online.

How much?

Anyone can use the amica website to get free information about family law issues at any time.  Until the end of 2020 amica’s dispute resolution feature is also free. From January 2021 there will be a nominal fee for this feature (between $165 and $440 per couple) but it will be waived for users who receive a Centrelink income support payment.


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