Speakers' Biographies

Speakers' Biographies
Vincent Tan

Vincent Tan is a lawyer, mediator, and family dispute resolution practitioner (“FDRP”). Vincent has been a lawyer since 2008, mediator since 2015, a FDRP since 2016 and specialises in collaborative financial and parenting matters. Vincent has been a partner of Clairs Keeley since 2019 and graduated from the Oxford University Executive Leadership Program in 2021.

Vincent has a Masters in Law, as well as a Bachelor of Commerce specialising in International Finance. Vincent lectures in mediation and family dispute resolution at The University of Western Australia, Anglicare WA and Centrecare. He was rated by Doyles Guide as one of Western Australia’s Leading Family Law Mediators for 2023. 

Vincent has gained great satisfaction in helping clients navigate the difficulties of separation. His ability to understand the needs of a client quickly and compassionately, and work out practical, collaborative solutions has helped thousands of families across Australia in his career.   

Justice Gail Sutherland, Chief Judge, Family Court of Western Australia

Gail Sutherland attended the University of Western Australia and was admitted to practice in 1982. She practiced predominantly in family law, becoming an accredited family lawyer in 1994. In 2008 Gail joined the Legal Practice Board of Western Australia as a senior lecturer in its Articles Training Program.  

Gail joined the Family Court of Western Australia in 2009 as a Registrar. She was appointed as a Family Law Magistrate in 2010, as Principal Registrar/Senior Magistrate in 2017 and as a Judge in 2018. Gail was appointed as the Chief Judge of the Family Court of Western Australia in January 2019.

Katharine McLean

Katharine McLean is the Senior Child Mental Health Advisor for the Social Services team within Emerging Minds Partnerships and Implementation Team. Katharine has been working in the child and family sector for the last 20 years in frontline, practice and operational management roles spanning early childhood, homelessness, family support, post adoption and children’s mental health programs.

Afra Durance

Afra Durance is the Child Mental Health Advisor for the Social Services team within Emerging Minds Partnerships and Implementation Team. Afra has over 15 years’ experience focused on promotion, prevention, and early intervention approaches to strengthening children’s mental health and wellbeing across the health, education, and community services sectors.

Kayelene Kerr

Kayelene Kerr is passionate about the prevention of child abuse, sexual exploitation, and sexual violence. Kayelene draws on over 27 years’ experience of study and law enforcement, investigating sexual crimes, including technology facilitated crimes to educate, equip and empower children and young people, and support parents, educators, and other professionals. 

She believes protecting children from harm is a shared responsibility and aims to inspire the trusted adults in children’s lives to tackle challenging topics. 

Having featured on Australian and international television broadcasts, radio programs and in print media, Kayelene is recognised as one of Australia’s most experienced specialist providers of Protective Behaviours, Body Safety, Cyber Safety, Digital Wellness and Pornography education workshops. 

Lynette Hill

Lynette Hill is the Solicitor in Charge of Dispute Resolution at Legal Aid WA.  She holds both law and social work degrees, is an accredited Family Law Specialist, ICL, and registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner.   Over Lynette’s 30ish year career she has held various child related roles including Child Protection Worker, Family and Child Counsellor, Family Consultant and Single Expert Witness.  Lynette has also practiced as a Family Lawyer.  Working more recently in the mediation space, Lynette has chaired in excess of 3,500 family law matters equating to over 10,000 hours of mediation practice.