FLPNs Announce Free Webinar Series

13 May 2020
FLPNs Announce Free Webinar Series

Despite the changes to work and learning that we have all experienced of late, we are committed to offering members continued support and opportunities to participate in cross sector training and professional development. In this spirit, the Family Law Pathways Networks nationally have come together to offer members a series of 6 free webinars weekly, commencing on 20 May 2020, each presented by prominent speakers and covering the following topics:

20 MayUnderstanding and Reponding to Controlling and Escalated Bahviours in ChildrenTrent Savill
27 MayThe Attachment Style InterviewLiz Sanders
3 JunePredictable Miscommunication: Understanding differences between Aboriginal and standard English narrative stylesBen Grimes
10 JunePromoting the best outcomes for children: Using a perpetrator pattern-based approach in domestic violence casesDavid Mandell
17 JuneParenting Capacity & Mental HealthRose Cuff
24 JuneComplex needs - parents with intellectual disabilitiesDr Margaret Spencer


More information can be found here. Each week members will also receive an email with information on the next webinar and details for registration. 

If these webinars are relevant to your immediate or long term needs in relation to your professional development in the practice of the law/social sciences or psychology, then you may be entitled to claim one unit for each hour of participation in accordance with the guidelines of the relevant professional body which regulates your industry. Unforutnately, we are unable to provide legal CPD certificates for this webinar series.